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Posted on Oct 12, 2014 in Blog

So I went away to the US for my three week trip with a great friend from the US that culminated in my first RWA conference in Texas and while I was away my site was hacked and disappeared into nowhere land. Thankfully it is back and it is now a work in progress to pretty it up and make it work properly.

I’ve updated my next two books and put excerpts on there for everyone to read and get excited about!

And now back to the trip.

What fun it was to spend time with my friend Pam and to drive around the South East of the US. I started in Washington DC then went to Mt Vernon, Richmond, Roanoke, Asheville (toured the Vanderbilt mansion!), Charleston and Savannah. Then I went on to New Orleans by myself and finally headed to San Antonio. It was a complete blast and I loved every minute of it. Especially the conference where I pushed my way into a full Susan Elizabeth Phillips workshop and met some absolutely wonderful authors who I have admired from afar.

Then I returned home to my family and it was like Christmas day. I had presents and stories and my kids had the day off school and we had the most fantastic day.

After that I frantically tried to finish off a novel that was due right before our family ski trip to New Zealand where my husband broke his ankle on the second day! Not so good. Then it was back home to finish the now late novel (whew – was I glad to have that one off my desk) and onto school holidays.

The last three months feel like a whirlwind and I am now in the blissful state of starting my next book!

I hope everyone else is well and I look forward to being in contact more frequently in the future.


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