Whew! 26th August, 2012

What a busy couple of months it”s been. All good – just intense.

Back from the QLD conference and it was amazing! Caught up with so many wonderful people and made some wonderful new friends. One being the inimitable Anna Campbell! She has the most amazing energy –  I could have talked to her for a year and not grown bored! I also met and fell in love with Ally Blake and was at the table to congratulate Fiona Lowe for winning a Ruby (as well as a RITA) for Boomerang Bride. I loved Helene Young”s workshop on plotting (and have now seen Avatar – which I loved) and am so thankful Anne Gracie introduced me to the writings of Joanna Bourne. Her website if full of writing tips that I have since devoured!

My lovely editor accepted a whole raft of revisions I wanted to make to book three so that is completely put to bed now. So it”s back to book four.

And hopefully a more peaceful week awaits me in that regard. Last week (the morning after I arrived home from the conference at midnight) I had to take my youngest to the ER as he split the skin on his outer eye ten minutes after being dropped at school. It was an interesting morning. After waking up tired and parent-lagged I threw on dirty, ratty, HOLEY clothing, went without breakfast and drove kids to school. Unfortunately I didn”t make it home before getting the call from school and so 40 minutes later found myself at the hospital not only looking casinos online australia like something the cat wouldn”t bother dragging in, but with half a battery cell left on my phone and NO PURSE! And of course we were at the hospital ALL DAY!

It was one of those experiences you just have to submit to and in the end it was quite fun. I found a $1.50 in my pocket which I promised my 6 year old a treat with at the end of his ordeal, a lovely doctor gave us half her lunch (which said 6 year old wolfed down on the way home), the Universe took care of the parking inspectors so I didn”t get a ticket and i got to spend the whole day totally focused on my youngest. Which was fun. We watched the fish in the giant fishtank, saw the meerkats sunning themselves and generally dagged around together… the only low point was a moment of low blood sugar for 6 year old as he wasn”t allowed to eat until after his stitches – which didn”t get done until 3.15! So yes, he hadn”t eaten since 7.30 that morning!!!

Now it is Sunday morning. Kids are playing, husband is reading, sun is shining and I”m about to listen in to an intriguing conversation that is waiting for me on the outskirts of my mind. With a hot cup of tea and vegemite toast!