11th February 2013

So I’ve been reading and planning book five and I feel a bit stuck. I have at least six romance ideas that should make a good Presents book vying for my attention, a children’s book, a women’s fiction novel, and two screenplays all sitting with crossed legs and quivering arm shooting to the ceiling like eager prep children all saying “pick me, pick me”.  It’s not easy because I know I have to commit a couple of months to one of these and I don’t want to shift the others aside.

But today is D-Day. I’ve put all my voices on high alert. It’s time to decide. I feel like a lot of my little ducks (children, house renovations, school commitments – I am canteen mum this year, yikes! – husband, friendships) have been put in a scheduled row and I can clear my mind to return to creating. And boy do I miss it. I LOVE getting into the flow of a story. My only wish – with all these super keen voices in my head – is that I could either write by osmosis, or faster.

In a lot of ways I am still finding my voice as a writer and I wonder if I’ll ever really understand what that looks like. In my mind it will be one of those lightbulb moments at which time I’ll say something like ‘Oh, that’s my process, that’s what I love to write” and then everything will become significantly easier and I’ll pump out a book a month that requires no revising at all… I am a dreamer after all!  However, since that lightbulb moment has not switched on today it might be time to stop vascilating by searching the internet for movies that I simply must see while the kids are in school and JUST CHOOSE BOOK FIVE.

Stay tuned for later in the week when I reveal whose story I will be writing next and post an excerpt of Wolfe and Ava’s bodyguard story!

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