29th May, 2012

Okay have been a bit slack with blog lately. Mostly because last week was wracked with nerves over having submitted book three to my editor. Fortunately she has come back to me and edits aren’t that major! I can barely believe it!  I completely rewrote book two – twice! – and to be told that this novel is in really good shape (or some such) was really validating! Toward the end of a book it is really hard to see the forest for the trees and I’m so happy right now!

So I have promised to do revisions this week. Eeck! Am pushing myself a little but to have book three done ahead of schedule when we will be moving house next month was too tempting. And I work better to a deadline. I fluff around way too much without one. Though that will certainly have to change because to write a really good book it needs time to mature before being polished. At least mine do.

But I had an epiphany this week about how Presents novels are all about the emotional risks the characters take with each other – more than the specific plot points! You’d think I’d know that already but in fact on some level I know I have been writing blind and learning the process as I go along. Which makes it really pleasurable and really scary at the same time.  Gosh, if any of my kids told me they wanted be a writer I’d have to make sure they were mentally stable first because this business is like a roller coaster ride for the emotions!  But as much as it is such hard work it also brings a smile to my face more than any other job I’ve ever had. So maybe I’m just an emotion-driven freak!! I think my surfer boy husband would agree to that… Lol.

AND once this novel is in I’ll dress up this site a bit more. Learn how to use my new Smartphone so that I can download pics from it and do a bit more. Like connect the website to my facebook page which I usually write on once a day! So much to do…

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