A lovely reader review!

Just read this on the Mills and Boon website.  There was one reviewer who wasn’t so sure about the book, another who liked it and this one:

“There is nothing about this book that will disappoint.  Michelle writes with humour, compassion, and beautiful description of the perfect love story, that we would all secretly wish for ourselves.
Its hard to believe that this is only I think her second book for M&B?  WOW!
I love her style of writing, she puts you inside the head of both characters, her stories are about the ‘real’ world, we don’t always get that from other authors, and I really think that Michelle is going to become a hugely succesful writer.
I can’t wait for her next book.”  

Very uplifting! Thanks for the vote of confidence! This was a very experimental book – as is book three – as I find my voice and my style, so it’s always nice to know what readers think.

I’m sure I won’t always hit the note I am searching for in a book, but I love to challenge myself!

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