All quiet... 9th July 2012

Okay, nothing big to report. After finishing book had hair cut by curly haired expert and am now wearing hair naturally curly instead of unnaturally straight… getting used to it – slowly. I’ll post a pic on facebook when I learn to use phone and download facebook app… sigh. Then moved house the next day… OMG! I haven’t cleaned under the fridge in years and you can tell!  Renovations are due to start at the end of the month and should take 8 months. So, counting on around 10 to 12!

Have also been reading up a storm lately. Discovered Maya Banks KGI series and am on book number three. I love to devour other people’s work between books because there is so little time once I get going on my own. Am still shocked to think I’m about to start book four. Someone pinch me! Have about four different stories jumping up and down in my brain and shouting “pick me, pick me”. At this stage I’m almost going to draw their names out of a hat.

And in a couple of days we are off to sunny (I am sending this out to the Universe) Fiji. Can barely wait. Gorgeous tropical islands, a hot honey stone massage, bingo by the pool with a scotch and dry, delicious food I don’t have to cook myself and calm, tepid waters at the end of a white sandy beach. Of course my laptop is going and yes, you can expect one of my next stories to be set partly in Fiji… it’s too divine not to do it! Remember Tom Hanks and Wilson in that deserted island flick some years back? One of the islands we are lolling on overlooks this one….  it’s a tough gig and all that!

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