Book Three Accepted!

Am SOOO happy! Editor just told me she loved tweaks I made to “Driving Her Crazy” (working title) and it’s done and dusted. I can’t tell you what an elated feeling it is. I read once that Rachel Gibson explained that writing a book for her was like pushing a boulder up a hill. By the time she got to the top she thought she’d never do it again and then… she’d look down and there were all these other boulders waiting to be pushed up!

So, it’s now onto book four. Which I’m thinking will be a royal book. But there are a couple vying for my attention at the minute. Maybe I should just putĀ  their names into a hat and let the Universe decide.

Oh, am so happy. Can you tell?

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Jennifer Drogell
Jennifer Drogell

Michelle I just wanted to say I finished Girl with a Scandalous Reputation last night and I loved it. At 1:30 am! Such a great debut. Looking forward to your Russian!