Facebook - 5/5/12

Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of facebook because I’m a little bit paranoid – but I have to say that it is addictive. And fun to interact on a wider scale with like minded people. As long as only like minded people applying to be friends. I did accept a friendship from a guy who messaged me and called me “baby” and wanted to know why I wouldn’t message him… let me count the ways, “baby”!

But last night I did some sprints with the wonderful Nicola Marsh (www.nicolamarsh.com for anyone who hasn’t come across her books – and she has a number of great sounding ones coming out this year I can’t wait to get my hands on) and it was such fun. We went for an hour and then checked back and by the end of it I felt like I’d climbed a not so small hill! We both have a May deadline so we’re going again tonight. Can’t wait. Just hope I get to keep some of the scenes I’ve written. LOL. The book is…  “coming along” would be a polite way of saying it but it’s starting to run a little long. The plan at the start of the week was to finish it by tonight, read it over the weekend, polish it up next week and email to my gorgeous editor Friday. Ah hem… new plan: finish it by Monday, read in one day, polish in two and send it off…. let’s see how we go.

Weekend taken up with playing soccer mum Sat morn, playing corporate wife Sat night, and playing not available to do lunches or dinners or answer any questions like ‘how long does it take for a raindrop to fall from the sky’ – thank you six year old. I had to google that one – Sunday so I can finish damn book and stick to new plan.  Sigh.

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