Finding Joe - 28th March

Saw this film a couple of weeks ago and it stayed with me so I thought I’d share. I love Joseph Campbell’s work and this is a movie based on The Hero’s Journey. It’s about following your bliss and there are some wonderful life lessons in it.

On another note it is EASTER! Yay. I love Easter almost more than Christmas and have such fond memories of the Dahlia and Arts Festival in my home town of Eaglehawk and the amazing decorated floats and the Chinese dragon that is unleashed at the end of the Easter parade. I’m not a traditionalist by any sense, but there is something comforting about the certainty behind ceremonies and repeated events that occur throughout our lives.

Usually our Easter is spent at the beach and we wake up on Easter morning to see what the Easter bunny has delivered. It is the only morning – other than Christmas – that the kids can wake up and eat what they like and oh, do they love that! It does my head in of course, but no moreso than the piles of chocolate that is painstakingly counted and accounted for in their bowls that seems to last for WEEKS on end.  I try not to go all Hitler on them but it is a struggle when finally I say “every day? It’s not good for you!’ 

This year though we are housebound because we must take care of our baby kitten! A gorgeous donkey-grey Tonkinese – photo to come when my computer isn’t playing up – called Gypsy. She has just settled and as we are moving house in two weeks we thought it would be a bit much to unsettle her by going away.

But I wish everyone a happy Easter time whereever you are and whether you celebrate it or not. Often there are holidays around this time so that warrants a smile at the very least. Enjoy!


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