First Blog - 3rd March, 2012

Hello and welcome to my new website.

The website is under construction so you will notice changes here and there over the next couple of weeks.

I am excited to announce that my first book Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation has gone live on the Harlequin Mills and Boon site. It was awarded Book of the Month and I think the cover looks beautiful. The team at Harlequin did an amazing job!

The book will be released in the jameshallison casino US and Australia in May, although I think has it listed for April.

My next book His Last Chance at Redemption is due out in the UK in August.

This has been an amazing journey so far – which i will blog more about later – and I am currently working on book three. Working title: Driving her Crazy. It”s about a laconic playboy racing car driver Valentino di Rossi and anally retentive creative director Holly Jacobs.

Thank you for stopping by!


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