Four days to go...

Till my first book hits the stores in the US and Australia. SO EXCITED! Will be a strange feeling to see my book in a shop for the first time. I’ll take my camera and the kids. “See, this is why mummy is always asking you to wait a minute before she responds to your barrage of requests. Isn’t that little book great?” Unfortunately I can see their faces already and know they’ll be asking if they can visit the toy department within seconds!! Oh well… they never said an authors life was supposed to be glamorous – that was my own misinterpretation!

I also think I forgot to mention that GBSR got 4 stars in RT magazine. That’s partly because I didn’t know what RT magazine was. But I do now… and wow. Thanks!

This has been another quick week! I know we all complain of this but seriously – can’t time stand still for one minute. And preferrably the minute I’m in the zone and writing and not folding my twentieth basket of washing for the week. Three kids sounded good at some point – but no one tells you about the missing lunchboxes that turn up three weeks later covered in penicillin, and nor do they mention the endless washing.  A bit like the Magic Porridge Pot my daughter read to me yesterday… only I still haven’t found the magic word to make it STOP!

Was over on Maisey Yate’s website the other day and read some of her inspiring pieces on the business of writing. It’s hard as a newby to think of writing as a business. I’m still at the stage where I’m amazed I’m actually getting paid to do something I love so much. The amount is inconsequential at this point!! But her wise words reminded me to get back on track and made me realise that I have been trying to shoe horn my current WIP into what I think it should be, rather than just having fun writing it.  Which is the reason I started writing in the first place. Sigh.  Anyway, I now have two characters who decided they were so desperate for each other that they wanted to make out on the beach, then they didn’t, and now they’re back to wanting to again. Talk about indecisive. Someone needs to take control of these two and, gulp, I guess that has to be me! I’ll get my Indiana whip out and see what happens!

Also, next week, May 2nd, I am blogging on I Heart Presents and would love you to join me!  Until then, have a fabulous weekend.

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