I'm back! 3rd August 2012

In more ways than one.

Freshly back from an awesome holiday in Fiji. Two weeks with the family that was pure bliss. First week we went to Mana Island. We”ve been there before and the second trip was just as lovely. This is such a beautiful part of Fiji, truly paradise found with soft, white beaches surrounded by water every shade of blue imaginable! Very family friendly island that I would highly recommend – although I am annoyed that the owners of the resort (a Japanese company) are now banning the Fijians from having family stay with them on the island. One of the things we loved about this island was that it had a village and a school, but the new policy of the owners has decimated the school population and saddened the Fijians who are now forced to leave their children with relatives to care for them. Fiji is an incredibly poor country with the most beautiful people and I don”t like that the owners have chosen economic gain over the welfare of their workers. Probably we won”t visit there again due to this policy, however that saddens me even more because two of the Fijians recognised us from our last trip a year ago!

The second island we visited is a Surfer”s paradise. Tavarua. It is 40 minutes boat ride from Mana and much smaller. It takes about 15 minutes to walk around the island (which is heart shaped!) and absolutely exquisite. The owners have a policy of giving back half their profits to the village who lease the island to them and as a result the island has a beautiful atmosphere. It is not child friendly (no kids club) but the island was superior in so many ways to any that I”ve been to before. Food is excellent, the facilities are excellent, the people… and with only about 30 other guests on the island we got to meet everyone which was totally unexpected, but Detta gor att huset faktiskt hade haft exakt 0% i edge i roulette om inte nollan fanns. more welcome than i would have thought. The owners have set the restaurant up with large tables so that guests are forced to mingle and the result is that by the end of your stay you feel like you”ve entered into a big, new family of friends. At least that was my experience and I have swapped emails with the most amazing people with the most amazing lives.

Man, but I love to travel!

On the writing front I hit a bit of a low. Have to start a new project and this week I was in a bit of a funk. Having just moved house before our holiday and coming back to school renovations, my eldests birthday, a pending conference and a looming deadline I felt overwhelmed by everything i need to fit in….  But then I talk to my author friends and see just how hard truly successful people work and am telling myself to get over myself.  Many people have things much harder and while I am a first class whinger I have little to complain about.

So with enough said on that it is time to throw myself into the work that I love and relish that today in Melbourne is sunny and at 14 degrees warmer than it”s been all week. It”s not Fiji but it is home!

Here”s apic of our hols! Will post more in next post!

View from Mana Island, Fiji

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