News Jan 2013

Great news to start 2013 with a bang – book four sold. It is slated for August this year, but as it was over the deadline I’ll have to confirm that with my lovely editor.

Also, have had a nice break at our summer caravan spot in Anglesea. The weather has been very mixed, but we have great friends here who were very supportive while I churned out the last tweaks of the above book and gave me big hugs when it was all A-ok.

Now it’s onto churning through a bit of my TBR pile and book five. There’s a few character’s vying for attention and I think I’m almost decided on who gets to go next. It’s very much a “who has the strongest voice” at the time system… but perhaps I should think about installing a ticketing process…

I’m so looking forward to this year getting going. Our house renovation will be finished at the end of March so that is very exciting and I’m absolutely committed to getting fit this year. It is time. The years roll on and my bones are not getting any younger…  A friend has put me onto Tabata. We will see. I’m more a yoga person, myself, but hey… I’ll work it if it helps me limber up.

After book five I’m considering making some future deadlines that allow me time to write the couple of kids books in my head. I’d like to do these sooner than later so that I don’t have to always tell my kids that no – they can’t read the current ones! I even find myself blushing when I find out some of my friend’s 18 year old kids have read my stuff. I’m no prude but… I knew these kids in nappies… it just doesn’t seem right somehow!

Okay. Enough from me. Stay tuned for a title and release date for book four.

And more regular blogs from moi! Fingers crossed.

Love to everyone and thank you all for buying my books and putting me on the Mills and Boon Top 10 list for my third book. I am, as always, incredibly grateful for your support!


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