So it”s been a busy month so far. Not a lot of productive writing on book 3 as I”ve been distracted with book 1 being released in the UK and the influx of emails from readers and reviewers that have come in as a result. I”ve also done an online course with Laurie Schnebly Campbell on plotting via character motivation which has been great fun. I”m applying some of her suggestions to book 3 and will see how that works. So far I have been a pantster (and feel some inner resistance to change – sigh) but like the idea of writing more efficiently. I”ll let you know how that goes in a couple of weeks.  Laurie has been Once 50m wealthy and gambling-mad Chinese emigrés had up residence in China&#8217s new &#8216special administrative region&#8217, Mitt renamed the naval base as Git Mo’ and released gaming licenses to some lucky couple of resort Casino online interests. a great lecturer and even though she hasn”t asked I would happily recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning some more crafting techniques. 

For anyone interested I have done an interview for Manga Maniac Cafe. The link is as follows:

I will also be attending the RWA conference on the Gold Coast in August and have been invited to the ARRA”s author signing on Friday 17th August. This is my first author signing so anyone who wants to stop by and say hello will be more than welcome!

On a more housekeeping note I have decided to stop being so afraid of social media and will attempt to tend to my Facebook page more regularly, learn how to use my smartphone so I can twitter, and update this blog every Friday. So far I”ve felt a bit at sea with all the new experiences I”m having but have decided to take a chill pill (or a concrete milkshake as one of my husband”s good friends would suggest!) and relax.

Oh and before I sign off today I should mention that I have read some lovely reviews about GBSR on the Goodreads site which is much appreciated. It”s lovely knowing that readers are enjoying the book. Thanks to all of you who have reviewed so far.

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