Nothing like a deadline!

And I don’t have one at the minute. At least not an iminent one. Which is why I find I’m skirting around the edges of novel three and not just jumping straight in. To be fair, novel three was supposed to be easier than novel two, but somehow my muse hasn’t received that message. My biggest problem is the “what if” question. So just when I think “yes” this is my hero/heroine’s life story a little voice kindly tries to distract me with another version. Which is really just a procrastination device now that I think about it. This little voice has a number of tricks up its sleeve, but because writing is a relatively new job for me it’s going to take a while to iron out all the kinks!

But I am excited to see that Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation is the number one seller on the Mills and Boon UK website at the minute!! How awesome is that. Thank you everyone who has bought the book so far. It hit the UK stores yesterday so that’s exciting. Not that I’ll be there to see it…. Will have to wait till May to see that happening in OZ.

On another note it is autumn in Melbourne and just gorgeous. My favourite time of the year. Beautiful crisp mornings followed by dazzling sunny days and hardly a breath of wind to rustle the red/gold leaves. And it’s school holidays. Which I love. It means no morning rush to school, no lunches to prepare, and unfortunately not much time to write…. hmmm…. still haven’t figured out how that one will go. But I’m determined to finish the first draft of book three by the end of April. Just hope that little voice is listening… of course there are lots of easter eggs in store to help fuel the creative process!

Have a great month!



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