Pooped! 11/5/2013

So up to last night I was giving up writing. Today I went shopping, read a Vanity Fair while having my hair cut and have started my next book. So I feel on top of the world again. Of course I haven”t finished the “old” book yet. I rang my editor last night pathetically begging her to read the mess of a ms and give me some direction. Each novel seems to have its own challenges, although Book three was a dream run. My husband – an actuary by trade – pointed out this is what is called an outlier. Yeah, whatever! 

But I am waiting for that dream book that just rolls straight off the keyboard and into the book store. One shot. Straight up. Done. Who said I didn”t have an over active imagination?

And now I am writing a continuity for Harlequin. I am so excited. I get to work with other authors and create a story from Satoshi Live becomes the planet&#8217s first fully-live Bitcoin online casino You understood time it was coming when gambling online could be hitching its lot around the growing recognition of Bitcoins. a Bible the editors have constructed. I leapt at the chance to do it when they asked. It”s like a dream.

After that I think I might tackle a kid”s book. My kids are hassling me for one and I”ve had two ideas in my head since the dawn of time so it might be time to bring at least one of those to fruition.

Oh, and I started the day with an old movie. My husband took the kids to school and I sat down in front of the computer (thank you itunes) to watch Rich and Famous. About two women who are friends and authors. Candace Bergan and Jaqueline Bissett – what”s not to love about that. It was a sensational day all up.

Now I have 1000 words to write and I”ve done about 50. Come on muse, let”s get to work.

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