Procrastinating - 5th March, 2012

Okay, so this website design stuff is actually fun. Not that I”m any good yet and I”m sure I”m annoying the heck out of my website designer because everytime I try to do something and can”t do it I fling him an email. It”s gotten to the stage where I just have to call and get him to take me through it like a real klutz. I mean, I don”t even know how to change the font colour or size and don”t get me going on the headings.

Of course all this preoccupation with my new baby means that my third baby is being seriously neglected. This is also because I submitted the first three chapter to jameshallison casino my editor last Friday and am waiting for her to tell me that they”re fabulous and don”t stop… hmmm, still waiting on that response.

But I am totally in love with these two characters and unfortunately the writing fairy (the one who dances over the keyboard of my more prolific contemporaries) hasn”t received my address yet… so maybe I”ll stop tinkering before I actually break the site and just GET TO WORK!

Well, at least I can still capitalise the words even if I can”t make them look pretty!

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