Tested - 3rd June 2012

So Thursday is my big writing day. Husband takes kids to school and another mother picks them up. This means – theoretically – that I an wake up and get going. So last Thursday husband rings and middle child was kicked by a “friend” and is so upset she’d coming home… (middle child is highly strung and often has to come home from school…) Because I am on deadline husband kindly takes her to work until 1pm and then brings her home. She was okay playing but… not quite the same as total silence in the house.

Then comes Friday and youngest is always home Friday as he only has four days at prep. BUT this Friday he is playing at a friend’s house until 1ish. As their house is not that close to ours I go to great cafe (Storm in Tea Cup – EXCELLENT TEA) and am all set with my steaming cup beside me and words starting to flow. Then phone rings. It is school. Please come and collect your daughter as she has been misbehaving. It is 10.15.  I contemplate screaming, stomping… you know the drill. Instead I order a lovely pistachio and raspberry muffin and decide to submit to the process. I am a parent first… blah blah…. daughter senstiive, I am sensitive blah blah… Not sure I completely hid grumpiness – especially when my friend rang and said my youngest and hers playing so well I could have an extra few hours to work before collecting him. Arrgggghhhhh! Oh that’s right, I’m being zen… I have read the Buddhist Mother a long time ago. Maybe time to pull out again!

So got bikini wax and let daughter play in the park until time to pick up boys… thankfully my editor is away for a week and extented deadline for revisions until next week.  I thought this was the Universe’s way of giving me more time to sort story. No. it was Universe’s way of giving me more time to do parenting…. Lol!

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