Update - 14th April, 2015

Hi All,

You may have noticed that I’ve just added another book to my booklist. It’s Prince Sachem’s story. For those of you who have read Prince Nadir’s Secret Heir, Zachim is his brother and his story just jumped out at me. That book – Hidden in the Sheikh’s Harem – will be out in October of this year. This will be my tenth book for Harlequin which is a nice milestone to reach!

Since finishing that book I have been taking a little break and refilling the well and reading and watching movies and TV shows. I saw the first three episodes of Sons of Anarchy which I enjoyed but probably won’t watch more of because it all seems a little samey. I know that’s not a word. I also saw the doco Blackfish which was great. Can’t remember any others at this point (it has only been two weeks since finishing the book!). But I have read a lot. Finished Linda Francis Lee’s “The Glass Kitchen” which was wonderful and reread the Alchemist just because. I’m also glutting a bit on Loretta Chase’s books. I’ve read Lord of Scoundrels but not her others and I’m enjoying them immensely. So talented.

I’ve also painted the back fence (we’re about to get our back garden landscaped) and our deck. Okay, my husband helped with the deck but it was still many hours work! But fun. I like doing manual labour. And painting gives such a good sense of instant satisfaction.

Now I’m about to start on my next novel which looks to be a Young Adult. I have twin brother’s circling in my head. One falls for the girl next door and the other falls for the worst girl in senior high. Never done YA before but the characters are insistent. We’ll see what happens.



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