Website updates!

Okay, so my lovely website designer came by today which I REALLY appreciated and showed me how to actually use the site! I’m a visual person and really need to “see”┬ásomething to know how to do it. So everyone should be able to leave commens now on my blog. Which will be great fun because I love to connect with my readers so this is a really exciting addition.

I’ve also added a new sidebar called Events and I’ll publish whatever events I am going to in case anyone is in the area and wants to say hi!

That’s it so far. I will also work out where to add in books that I am currently reading. I have come across some fabulous new authors this way and there are so many good books in the world!

That’s it for now.

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Can you email me with any hints about how you made this site look this cool, I would be thankful!