Yikes! 21st March, 2013

I have been woefully absent here! And with no real excuse up my sleeve other than I’ve been writing and mothering and project managing our house renovations and living. Out of those four, anyone who knows me would tell you that the house renovations takes up less than .1% of my week – but I needed a filler!!  I am the perfect builder’s dream client. I turn up periodically to check what is happening, I agree with everything he does and smile a lot. It helps that I know he’s a fantastic builder and is doing a stunning job (treating our home as if it were his own) and that I have no spatial capacity whatsoever. Just the other day he started explaining the kitchen to me and when he asked a question I realised I had completely zoned out and was listening to my characters. ‘Cupboards or drawers?’ Am I really supposed to know the answer to that?

On other news I am deeply into book five which is based around the game of Polo. I am a horse person. As in I LOVE horses and the main character – the dashing Cruz Rodriquez – came to me basically fully formed. A strong, sexy Mexican who has been betrayed one too many times in his life, he is set on buying a property our heroine, Aspen Carmichael, is desperate not to sell! So far it’s been a joy to write and the research has been fantasic. I’ve never watched a live game of polo before and after receiving a lesson from an international player I think I am in love. With him AND the sport! His wife and son are pretty gorgeous as well!

Oh, and my editor has asked if I would like to be involved ina Modern continuity! I devoured the Wolfe and Santina continuities so am beyond excited at the prospect. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know as soon as it is all finalised!

Now, it’s back to Cruz and Aspen in the cave…

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