News Jan 2013

Great news to start 2013 with a bang – book four sold. It is slated for August this year, but as it was over the deadline I’ll have to confirm that with my lovely editor. Also, have had a nice break at our summer caravan spot in Anglesea. The weather has been very mixed, but we have great friends here…

Merry Christmas 2012

Hello, I know everyone says it, but I can't believe it's christmas. It just doesn't feel like it this year and yet I know I am no busier this year than I was last! Particularly since book two was due this time last year and book four still lies incomplete on my computer - nearly a month late now! I…

Living the Charade! 12th December 2012

I love this cover! It's not exactly as I saw Miller in my minds eye, but it is how I saw Valentino. Am so happy with this cover. Thank you cover fairies!!

Contest winner

Hello, Thanks to all those who applied to win His Last Chance at Redemption through the Harlquin Junkie website. We have a winner and I will be sending the book out ASAP!